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Why CaseHunter?

CaseHunter is uniquely positioned to provide you with the absolute best quality service. Here is why:

  • Our customers love us! We believe customer loyalty speaks volumes and what better way to measure loyalty than a high retention rate? 80% of CaseHunter’s customers, most of them from day 1, have been using our lead services for over 5 years.
  • Data Integrity: The quality of CaseHunter’s legal case leads is second to none. This is thanks to a very unique and thorough programmatic approach to identifying and vetting real-time court & publicly available data.
  • Partners, not customers: We treat every customer as a Partner, because we are focused on your success the way a partner would, not a vendor. We don’t just do what is asked, we ask questions, want to understand your business and provide recommendations to maximize your success.
  • No complacency: We are always looking for and finding ways on further separating our service from the rest of the pack. There is always more value we can provide, and continuous improvement is one of our mantras.