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Social Media Marketing (CaseHunter Social)

Marketing on social media platforms such as on Facebook or Instagram is becoming an integral part of any marketing campaign.  Supplementing targeted Direct Mail marketing with Social Media marketing to build a true, targeted multi-channel marketing campaign will elevate your results above your competition!

CaseHunter Social offers a highly unique, targeted and fully integrated Social Media marketing offering that allows you to:

  • Target the very same people you are already identified using Direct Mail, through Facebook and Instagram
  • Get in front of your leads faster than ever – there is no delivery lag time so you can get exposure to your leads the very same day
  • Customize the length of time your ad gets served to your leads – 1 week, 1 month, it’s up to you

Since the ads will be served from your Facebook account, you can go into your Facebook account and modify the ad campaign settings at your will (I.e., increase/decrease daily budget).  In addition, you can view the ad campaign performance at any time.



CaseHunter Social sits on top of CaseHunter Mail – lead capture and delivery is still required.  CaseHunter Social is a 30% additional cost, on top of your CaseHunter Mail data pricing.