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CaseHunter is the solution that you’ve been seeking to expand your legal practice in more cities, townships & counties in Florida, providing timely and accurate legal leads for your specific area of expertise.  We work closely with the County and Circuit courts to provide fresh, timely leads that are best-in-class quality as well as volume. 

We provide leads for most jurisdictions in Florida, across many different practice areas, from Criminal, Traffic, to Civil, Bankruptcy, and much more.  Whether you’re based in the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County area, or in the Panhandle and in the Bay, Leon County area, or even in and around the Orange County area, we can provide you with targeted legal leads that will help drive your business growth.

Please see our What We Offer section to better understand how CaseHunter can work for you, see who we can help, and please be sure to take a look and see why CaseHunter is the best in the business.