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What We Offer

Our business is focused on elevating the success of our customers, through targeted and unique direct mail and social media leads and marketing campaigns, as well as providing boutique consulting and deep insight into managing your law firm practice and presence.

Types of Leads We Offer

We offer many types of leads to align with your specific practice areas. These include:

  • Criminal Leads: If you provide services to individuals that have been arrested or charged with a crime (Misdemeanor or Felony), a DUI/DWI/OVI and everything else in between.
  • Traffic Leads: If you provide services to individuals for either non-Serious Traffic offenses (i.e., speeding tickets) or Serious Traffic offenses (i.e., DUI/DWI/OVI, Reckless Driving).
  • Civil Leads: If you provide services to individuals that have been sued and have a new civil litigation case. Examples include a breach of contract lawsuit, auto negligence, and much more.
  • Bankruptcy Leads: If you provide bankruptcy services to individuals, we can provide many different types of leads, including new civil litigation (breach of contract) leads, leads of individuals that have a received new judgment or garnishment in their civil case, and leads of individuals that are facing Foreclosure.
  • Family Leads: If you provide Family/Domestic legal services, we can provide leads for individuals that are undergoing divorce, custody, paternity matters and more. We can provide both the respondent/defendant leads as well as petitioners/plaintiffs that have filed Pro Se.
  • Expungement Leads: If you provide criminal record expungement services to individuals who were charged with a crime but not found guilty.

Of course, if you are looking for other types of leads not listed above, please contact us so we can figure out if and how we can meet your needs!


Quality of Leads – We Are the Best

We pride ourselves in providing the absolutely best quality leads available. This includes an obsession with continuous improvement of our data quality, especially around how we can continue to provide unique leads for you that no one else can provide.

Reasons we’re the best in the business:

  • Near real-time leads = be first to the mailbox: We provide fresh leads on a daily basis including newly filed cases from the prior day. We also have the ability to provide same-day leads as well! Get your advertisement out the same day of a new case filing.
  • Unique relationships with state/county/local courts: We establish close relationships with the courts that we work with, to ensure that we fully understand their data, processes and nuances with their systems. This includes understanding how their court data is entered and resolving errors in their data that would normally result in data quality issues – the competition will typically leave these errors, incurring additional costs to your practice.
  • Proprietary 5-step Identification Validation process: All the data we consume goes through our rigorous multi-step data validation process. This results in many unique leads (higher ROI since you will be the only one reaching these people), eliminating bad leads – saving on postage costs.

This unique process includes:

  • Vetting and cleaning data based on unique patterns and nuances for that particular court system
  • Fixing address data that may have typos and other common data entry errors
  • Fixing addresses that may have a missing element, such as an apartment number
    • CaseHunter will validate these against actual postal data
  • Ensuring that all leads have USPS-valid addresses and eliminating leads that are unreachable
  • Identifying leads that may have recently moved and providing their new address
    • For example, a lead may have an older address on their driver’s license so the courts will have an outdated address


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