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Bankruptcy Law Firms

Bankruptcy Law Firms have successfully leveraged legal leads provided by CaseHunter to effectively increase their marketing efforts and grow their group or solo legal practices alike. Second to “word-of-mouth” referrals, having a pipeline of fresh Bankruptcy leads is critical to increasing public awareness of your legal practice. Whether your Bankruptcy legal practice is just starting out or you are a seasoned veteran in the field, there is no reason to waste valuable marketing dollars on stale leads.

We can provide Bankruptcy leads covering various types of court cases regardless of whether they are District / Municipal or Circuit / Common Pleas Civil courts.  We can further fine tune your leads to filter for breach of contract cases, foreclosures, and anything in between.

Court system permitting, we can also fuel your legal lead pipeline by providing leads as soon as a judgment or a garnishment is placed on the Civil case.  Where possible, we can also provide civil cases based on the dollar amount of the lawsuit against the defendant (For example, target all contract cases where the complaint amount is over $5,000).